December 2011
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Sarah Haskins the Olympic Triathlete

Recently over the holidays olympic triathlete Sarah Haskins visited her home city to go back to her old high school known as High Ridge. She came with her husband to speak to the students at the high school. Over the next year she is training for the olympics and attempting to improve her performance. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics triathlon she finished in 11th place, so she is looking to have a better result in the 2012 olympic games in London. Hopefully she will have a better performance and reach her goal of being the best triathlete in the world.

This past Tuesday, Haskins took a day off to visit family, go holiday shopping and teaching firefighters about the value of having a healthy diet and cooking quality meals. She also came by to her old high school to speak in front of numerous elementary school students about the value of setting and achieving goals. 

During her visit to the old high school she participated in many discussions about disabilities particularly autism. Over the course of her career she has helped many organizations raise money and awareness about the disease. She has also done things to help people overcome this condition and live better lives. With her help and participation, Sarah has made a significant contribution to helping people all over the country and the world overcome the disability known as autism. Not only is Haskins a successful athlete who is also an expert on nutrition but she is also quite charitable as well. She donates her racing equipment to numerous charities. Sarah has a $1 per mile program where she will donate $1 for every mile she completes in her events. Along with this charity she is also head of the Train for Autism organization that helps raise awareness and funds for the treatment of autism. As you can see, Sarah Haskins is not only a successful athlete but also a significant contributor to her community as well.

Sarah Haskins has had a long history of athletic success over the course of her lifetime. During elementary school she would run one mile per day and look to complete the distance. Each time she ran again she looked to run the mile faster than the previous time. She has also participated in cross country and other sports having to do with running and swimming. Over the course of her athletic career she has performed at such as high level that she eventually made the olympic team to compete in numerous world triathlon championships.

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