February 2012
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Developmental Disabilities & Special Olympics

There are athletes in the world today that are developmentally disabled. The Special Olympics offers the benefits of sport training and competition where every person has the opportunity to participate.  This gives people with disabilities a chance of being physically fit while reaching for their goals. In addition to offering physical activities, the Special Olympics helps with social development and psychological development in individuals. Experiences in sports have given athletes the confidence that helps build a positive self-image of themselves which carries over into the classroom, home, job and the community. Special Olympics began in the early 1960’s and it started with people who had disabilities and wanted to change their life for the better.

Simply put, The Special Olympics offers people with disabilities the chance to succeed and gives them the encouragement to strive in achieving almost anything, both in sports and in life.  The athletes that participate in these events show talents and abilities that really stand out and we applaud them for it. Their determination comes from the heart and when this happens, it is truly amazing. Not only that, Special Olympics offers special education jobs and volunteer opportunities where you get a chance to work with people who have a variety of disabilities. Care givers learn a lot from these experiences and they seem to share it with others who often want the chance to be a part of this incredible cause.

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