March 2012
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Day Habilitation

The integration of day habilitation programs as part of the modern educational community has brought challenges and successful rewards. There once were no programs that allowed for the unique needs of certain children and young adults to be addressed. Because of this, many young people were not given the same balance of education and skills, some were not given much of a chance at all. This is something that has finally begun to change in modern education as a whole. The students today are not treated differently, but as part of the whole community.

Today special needs activities are available through habilitation programs in most major cities. It has taken many decades for this change to come about, but it has been worth the work and now is becoming normal. These programs also provide the integration of diversity day activities as part of the program planning. Day activities, life skills, and special needs are addressed for all those enrolled in the habilitation program. Disabilities are just one of the many challenges that are addressed for all young people, not just because of their special needs. All students are recognized for their individual merits, not just given special status because of their disabled status.

The work being done at day habilitation programs includes life skill learning, special needs activities, diversity day activities, and a list of modern educational concepts. It has brought a more well rounded focus to the needs of all students, not just those with special needs or challenges. Day activities are part of all modern habilitation programs. Disabilities are no longer treated as something separate from the modern educational program planning, but they are part of regular scholastic pursuits. This has made a positive change in the system that should become the model for future educational programs everywhere.

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