March 2012
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Art Therapy

Over time, disabilities in people have become more manageable as we learn more about them. With increasing knowledge we find new ways to stimulate the brain in the right ways to make the symptoms of the disability be as minimal as possible. These therapies do not have to be administered by a professional to be effective. Art therapy is one of the most common therapies that can be self-administrated and bring positive results.

Art therapy has been used with patients of autism and down syndrome for years. This allows the people to focus their mental abilities on one piece of work and over time they are able to develop connections in the brain that were not once there. Professionals all around the world with special education jobs use this as one of their most common day activities to make it so they make progress every single day. Even patients that have had symptoms have found these methods to be extremely effective.

If someone is looking into getting an introductory caregiver position, then they may want to use this form of therapy as their initial project. This will allow the individual and the caregiver time together to get to know one another, or use it as a good ice breaker to bring a positive atmosphere in the teaching.

People with disabilities do have the opportunity to improve their mental capacity just as we all do. Pursuing forms of therapy consistently over the person’s life will be ideal to allow the best mental stability in the individual. Disabilities are not road blocks in people’s life that prevent them from doing great things. Use art therapy to give that person a chance to experience something that is completely created by them, because they deserve a sense of freedom also.

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