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Disabilities in Austin, Texas

Disabilities in Austin, TexasOver 50 million people in the United States are mentally or physically challenged. There are many people with various disabilities in Austin Texas. While it is easy to recognize some conditions of disability, sometimes it is not easy to tell if someone is mentally or physically challenged by a disability. There are both visible and invisible conditions of disability. For instance, a person in a wheelchair is easily recognized as being physically challenged or disabled. A person who has multiple sclerosis is considered to be disabled but often no one can see that the victim of this condition is physically challenged. Many mental disabilities are invisible because the person who has them is receiving excellent medical treatment and prescription medication that controls their mental illness or other mental disability.

A disability is considered a mental or physical condition that substantially limits one or more major activities of a routine life under United States discrimination laws. Many people with disabilities in Austin, Texas want to continue to work a job and live as normal a live as possible. There are rehabilitation services available for people with a disability. At a Day Habilitation Center, a mentally challenged person can get assistance with training or pre-training for a job. The rehabilitation center can assist in findingother services and resources to help individuals that have a disability. If transportation to a job is an issue for the disabled individual social service workers can find or arrange transportation for the disabled person.

In public schools there are many laws to protect a student with a disability. An eligible student for the purposes of special education assistance and early intervention services is defined as being an infant through age 21. There are 14 separate categories of disabilities defined by the laws of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. All students who are defined as disabled must receive appropriate and free education. Students with disabilities in Austin Texas must have an Individualized Educational Program designed for them that is specific to their educational requirements. The IEP must be created to make sure a student can learn in an environment in the least restricted manner possible.

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