April 2012
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Disabilities and Life Skill Training

Disabilities with ongoing life skill training

There are many different developmental disabilities in Austin Texas in which can be minimized with ongoing life skill training. By focusing on individual goals and dreams through a variety of educational, recreational, and life learning skills, this allows our members the structure and confidence to grow. It is very important to integrate these life skills in Virtue’s curriculum program for those future members interested in day activities in Austin Tx. All of the wonderful members who are a part of Virtue, have noted the day activities as being friendly, fun, and fulfilling. By integrating fun into our activities, those people who would like to develop many different life skills and feelings of accomplishment from their day habilitation are given the opportunity.

We work on both emotional and physical wellness development through Yoga, light group exercising, horticulture therapy, music therapy, games, art therapy and much more in the Austin TX programs.  One thing we do promise to our members is to give 100% dedication to all of our members, families, and caseworkers. In order for our members to take part in developmental disability day activity program in Austin Texas, they must make sure that they reserve their spot with us as soon as they can.  Any open spots do fill up relatively quickly especially with graduating special education students transitioning to the next stage love their life come May of every year.

If you would like more information, you can log on to our website to browse through, so you can get a much better idea and understanding. Be sure to subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter giving valuable information.  Many of our members who have participated with our staff and program have really seen benefits which has been noticed by parents as well.

If you know someone that is developmentally disabled and would like to enjoy healthy, active, and productive day activities, please call today. We can help families achieve the goals that they have for their loved ones

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