June 2012
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Lift Chairs Can Help The Disabled Be Independent! Disabilities in Austin Texas

How many of us can honestly say that we know what it’s like to have to depend on someone else for our needs? Someone to cook for us; someone to clean for us (though not many of us would mind that one); someone to help us with our personal body functions; someone to take us to the store or actually do the shopping for us because we can no longer do it for ourselves; even mundane things become desirable again when you’re told “you’re not going to be able to do that anymore”. Most of us cannot even imagine hearing those words uttered and having them apply to us.

The Utter Hopelessness Of Dependency

What could seem more humiliating than having to have someone assist you with certain necessary bodily functions? Privacy is a word that many disabled people have left behind, and not out of choice. There is no privacy when you cannot care for yourself any longer. Being dependent upon others as a child is on their parent is something that, when robbed of our independence as an adult, may be intolerable for some individuals to even consider.

Thanks not only to technology in general but medical technology as well, more and more strides are being made to help those who used to be dependent upon others for everything to at least be a little more independent when it comes to some things. A wheelchair bound individual who lives in a two story home might do well on one single floor; but what happens when that individual has to go up or down stairs?

Even if the home has been adapted so that the individual can exist relatively well on one single floor, the lack of freedom to navigate your own home would be depressing at best. Disabled individuals struggle with depression enough as it is.

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel… But How To Get There?

A wheelchair lift or a simple stair lift can be the difference between an individual being able to access their entire home, several stories of a public building; or an existence that is sadly limited. Electric wheelchairs that can be run by a puff of breath into a hyper sensitive microphone are what some people depend on in order to access not only different areas of their home but to venture out in public. That is of course, a very drastic scenario.

Wheelchairs that run with an arcade game type switch or lever can be utilized by those that have the use of at least one hand. Again, how many of us can even imagine that world… that existence? And yet many creative and important people have gone on to live completely productive lives; loved by others, cherished by many; making vital contributions to the world in which we live?

Even if your contribution is just being around for a loved one; that in and of itself is priceless. We’re keeping people alive after debilitating injuries or diseases through modern technology; long beyond what would’ve been considered possible for many. How can we not assist those individuals by providing a way for them to have quality of life in addition to the quantity they can now be afforded?

There Are Some Ways To Say Thank You!

In our present day and age, we not only should feel obliged to provide for our disabled veterans from wars long past; but we now have new wars from which returning vets are being introduced to a world that—though they had lived in it for years—is now estranged due to injuries inflicted during battle.

Some organizations are working to make returning disabled veterans’ homes more maneuverable and accessible; making that strange new world a little more familiar once again. Specialized wheelchair lifts, ramps instead of stairs, wheelchair level appliances, sinks, toilets, tubs and furniture are being installed in homes to improve the quality of life for some of our disabled populace.

These items don’t grow on trees however; it is extraordinarily costly to convert a home into this type of abode. Contributions from causes near and dear to many of our hearts sometimes help with the costs. Private donations also go a long way to help individuals that would, if only they could, help themselves. Will you pay it forward today?

Hi, my name is Chad and I believe that we should always help to make the lives of disabled individuals better with the use of innovations such as a lift chair or a stair lift.

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