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What to Look for When Choosing a Day Habilitation Facility and ADHD in Austin, Tx


Choosing a day habilitation program for your loved one with disabilities in Austin Texas is not a small decision. You want to send them somewhere safe and fun where they’ll enjoy their time. Also, you’re probably interested in placing them in a program where they’ll also learn life skills. What should you look for in a program when you’re caring for someone with autism or another disability in Austin TX?

Personalized Activities

If your loved one has ADHD in Austin TX, it’s important that there are projects available that will focus their attention. Personalized services mean that every individual will be able to find an activity that they’re interested in. Staff should help people with disabilities in Austin Texas so that they can participate in their chosen activities.

Non-Vocational Activities

Some day programs have their clients with ADHD in Austin TX or other disabilities perform the same routine every day. While it may be necessary for clients to fulfill work contracts, this strategy can get boring, tedious and even unbearable for some people. Look for a program that takes a varied approach instead of focusing on the same activities daily.

Pre-Vocational Training

Some clients with autism in Austin TX or other disabilities will want training to prepare them to get a job. Pre-vocational programs will teach clients the skills necessary so that they can interview for a job and begin work.

Fun and Recreational Activities

The day shouldn’t be all about work, right? That’s why you want to choose a program that incorporates recreational and relaxation activities too. This includes seasonal activities, like holiday events. Look for programs that include games, group lunches, crafts and music sessions.

Exercise and Stretching

In order to get through the day successfully, everybody needs exercise and moments to relax and unwind. A quality program will have scheduled exercise breaks and stretching activities.


In today’s society, it’s impossible to ignore ever-changing technology. Any day habilitation program you choose should include technology lessons for clients. Computer activities, in particular, are both helpful in learning and vital to learn in today’s world.

Current Events

Look for a day program that incorporates community awareness and current events. Clients should be encouraged to discuss what’s going on in the world, both locally and globally.

For more information about day habilitation services, visit Virtue online at www.virtuetexas.com. We offer enlightened services so that our clients have an enjoyable, fun learning and rewarding stay.

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