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Special Olympics – Helps everyone from Special Education Jobs to people with Disabilities

Special OlympicsPeople with disabilities have many options for working and living in their community. There is day training and habilitation centers, vocational specialists that coach people with independent jobs and various organizations that work at making sure people with disabilities in Austin TX have the same opportunities as anyone else. Special education jobs in Austin TX are the start of a fulfilling career in human services.

The Special Olympics was founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver in the 1960’s. She had grown up with a sister who had a disability, and her family involved her sister in all the family activities. They played sports together, went on vacations, and saw her as a member of family, not just a person with a disability. In the 1960’s, there were not many options for people with disabilities. They would either be sent to an institution, or the family would care for them with little outside supports.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver saw this disparity and wanted to do something. She wanted her sister, along with other people with disabilities; to have activities they could belong to like anyone else. She created a day camp for people with disabilities to participate in, and in 1968, the first Special Olympics games were held in Chicago, Illinois.

Special Olympics have grown since that first event in Chicago. The Special Olympics are held throughout the country, with events ranging from bowling to swimming. All people with disabilities are welcomed into the Special Olympics, regardless of the severity of their disability or their athletic ability. People with autism in Austin TX are able to participate with needed supports, such as using weighted vests or other sensory activities. Also, people diagnosed with Aspergers through an Aspergers test in Austin TX are also able to participate in Special Olympics. Regardless of the disability, there is always a way to have people participate in the Special Olympics to the best of their ability.

The social environment for people with disabilities has changed over the years, and now many people with disabilities are accepted in the community. There are many Austin day activities like day habilitation centers, Special Olympic activities, and independent placement jobs.

Virtue is a day habilitation center in Austin Texas that prides itself on treating people with disabilities as individuals. Each person served has individual goals that help him or her reach their highest potential. They serve people with ADHD in Austin TX, along with more severe disabilities. Virtue can assist people with disabilities and their families in connecting with Special Olympics in Texas. For more info please visit our main site at

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