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5 Outdoor Activities to Try this Spring

It looks as if after several false starts, spring has actually arrived in most parts of the country. Increased energy levels are a natural part of this season, and smart people take advantage of that. Spring is the perfect time to experiment with activities and develop new interests. If you’re looking for different things to try this spring, here are five ideas for you to consider:

Go on Walking Tours in Your Own Community

Many people only see their own communities through the windshield of their vehicles. If you get out and walk, you may be rewarded with discoveries about your area that you’d never be able to experience while driving a car. One of your neighbors may have a gift for gardening with exotic plants, for instance, or that elderly person down the street may be a an encyclopedia of local history.

Go to the Shelter and Bring Home a Friend

Of course, bringing a furry friend into your household should only be done after the matter is given serious consideration and you are sure that you can provide well for it. Spring is a great time, however, to get a dog. Walking your dog on a regular basis will provide both physical and emotional benefits.

Start Your Own Culinary Herb Garden

Whether you’ve got a sizable garden space in your yard or just a patio or balcony with room for only a few containers, growing your own culinary herbs has both aesthetic and physical advantages. Fresh herbs will flavor your meals, scent the air around you and provide eye-pleasing scenery to your outdoor living space. Your dietary goals will also be easier to meet if you’ve got a good supply of fresh herbs on hand.

Learn to Prepare Quality Meals at Home

You can eat better and save money if you learn a few basic culinary skills. Information on preparing healthy and flavorful meals is readily available from many online sources, and spring is an excellent time to experiment with different styles of food. Fresh spring vegetables can provide inspirational ingredients for your new adventures in the kitchen.

Join a Sports Team

Even small communities have some kind of opportunity for local residents to participate in sports teams. If you’re unsure about where to look, try your municipal parks and recreation department. They often have listings of available teams as well as contact information for the organizers. Many bars and taverns also sponsor softball teams every year.

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