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Three Need-to-Know Tips for New York Family Caregivers

As family members get older, the burden shifts from parent to child on who will take care of whom. This shift is one that many children struggle to cope with as their parents age. If you have fallen into the role of caregiver for an elderly family member, you have likely experienced difficulties in not only watching the people you care about get weaker with age, but also time and financial burdens that you may not have been prepared for. While you want to provide the best care for the people who raised you since birth, you also have adult responsibilities, such as a job to attend to and a family of your own to care for.

To help ease the burden of caregiving for elderly family members, here are a few tips.

1. Enroll in a money saving program.

Medication is one of the highest costs that you, like many children, may have to pick up to help keep your family member feeling their best possible, given the circumstances. If they do not have medication coverage, this may be a huge financial undertaking for you. But companies, such as Big Apple Rx, can offer a way to help. By signing up for these programs that offer discount prescriptions, you can get lower prices on medication without insurance.

2. Be prepared for anything.

Because you are unable to be by your family member’s side all hours of the day, you must be prepared in case an emergency or urgent situation arises. In addition to familiarizing yourself with the closest hospital and doctors’ offices, getting to know the closest NYC pharmacy to your location is another important way to be prepared. This will allow you quick access to medication at a moment’s notice.

3. Organize important documents.

Another way you can help save your sanity as you learn how to best care for your parents or elderly family members is to create an organizational system to keep track of important documents, such as medical records, emergency contact numbers and instructions. This way, no matter who is taking care of your loved one, you can easily hand over the important information necessary to keep them healthy and safe.

Your parents did a lot to raise you as a child, and now it is your turn to help them. Use these tips to relieve financial and mental stress as you provide the attention and care they deserve throughout their older age.

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