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Orthopedics Common Problems And Treatment

Orthopedics Common Problems and Treatment

Broken bones are a major reason for seeking orthopedic treatment. If for any reason a bone is not able to support force or tension, it would be a good idea to seek out orthopedic treatment. Optim Orthopedics is a good resource for those with broken or fractured bones; there you can receive some of the most innovative treatments. Other common injuries like sprained ankles or wrists and fractured toes are also serious conditions that require treatment by an orthopedic.

Treatment methods vary with each condition. Some common options include:

Braces and supports

These work well to compensate for injured joints or tissues and to insure there is no rigorous movement of muscles. Braces come in all sizes, and usually, they are used to supplement treatment and help heal an injury faster.


If you have a fracture or are in post surgical immobilization, then a cast would be useful. Part of the treatment would include taking care of the cast to ensure the injury doesn’t endure pressure.


Treatment methods can be adjusted for each individual case: For instance, if you are not supposed to take any steroid based drugs, then there are a few choices that could work. Among the commonly used non-steroid drugs are Aleve, Celebrex, Motrin and so on. They help in managing inflammations.


Not all cases warrant surgery but in severe injuries, it could be the best option. But chances are, the doctor will consider all alternatives before recommending surgery. Surgery can sound scary at first but it can help heal the injury much faster.

Arthroscopic Surgery

This type requires small incisions. A camera must also be inserted into the skin for closer inspection of the joint. Many of the common orthopedic surgeries nowadays use this procedure as a standard operation. Before any invasive treatment is carried out, the doctor explains the procedures and all the possible outcomes.


Injections are one of the ways medication is administered. Cortisone is a common medication for orthopedic conditions, mostly because it does not produce many side effects.


In many cases, patients undergo treatment combined with rehabilitation. Therapy is always a critical part of the treatment and patients receive personalized advice and step-by-step analysis of their recovery.

Accelerative bone healing

Not many people like to lay around the house with a cast and broken limbs, and luckily, technology allows doctors to perform a number of procedures that can accelerate healing. Ask Optim Orthopedics about accelerative bone healing for more information and to see if this kind of procedure would work for your condition.

If you have sprains, breaks, or fractures, visit Optim Orthopedics for a variety of treatment options.