January 2018
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Personalized Day Habilitation Services…Fun, Friendly, and Fulfilling

Virtue’s personalized day wellness services are available in Central Texas for people who have developmental disabilities. Virtue’s Habilitation Specialists focus on supporting individualized goals and dreams through a variety of educational, recreational, and life learning skill activities. We help to provide confidence and support to our members so they can all receive recognition for their commitment. Members of our activity center describe it in these simple words… FUN, FRIENDLY, and FULFILLING.


Choosing Virtue

Unique Curriculum – 
Benefits to members are far beyond other facilities starting with an outstanding curriculum, combining the most proven techniques with tomorrow’s trends. Virtue’s enlight­ened approach makes us the future of day wellness services.

Activity Center and a Sense of Well Being – 
Virtue is dedicated to creating the most serene environment possible by using natural light, plants, aquariums, comforting home furnishings, art work, and tranquil music throughout the facility.

Highest level of Training and Experience of Habilitation Specialists/Staff – 
Our staff has been in the industry of helping developmentally disabled adults for over 22 years. They are required to have continuing education and training to ensure the most effective interaction possible. We have a rigorous interviewing and screening process to ensure that we have the best quality, safest and most experienced staff possible.

Superior Safety – 
Safety inspections that follow OSHA standards and compliance along with fire drills and surveys have shown staff efficiency and diligence. Staff is trained in CPR, first aid, CLIA, SAMA, and we consult with RNs/LVNs to assist us with “direct care” training, including, but not limited to, the administration of medication.

Facility Cleanliness – 
We go above and beyond the minimum requirements to create a clean environment. By doing this, Virtue reduces illness for our members and promotes healthy living.

Impeccable Reputation – 
Virtue is known for its integrity and is deeply respected throughout the industry and the community.

Personalized Wellness Activity Schedule – 
Virtue believes that appealing to the interests of each individual and level of need, we increase member’s motivation and success. Not only are activities carried out in a group environment to teach teamwork but also on a one on one basis to achieve personal growth.

Limited Number of Members Accepted – 
Just like the principal behind private schools, we too only accept a limited number of members. This keeps the staff to member ratio low, therefore providing the highest level of service and attention.

Potential Member Screening – 
We make sure that all potential member’s level of need can be met at Virtue and ensure a smooth transition into Virtue’s serene wellness centers.

Health and Nutrition – 
We understand that daily meals being brought from home, including lunches and snacks, have been customized by dietitians for some members. We realize the importance of these specific dietary guidelines to encourage the health and well-being of our members.

Excellent Communication – 
Open communication between parents, guardians, providers, case workers and the members themselves. Virtue has an “Open Door Policy”, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your questions and comments.

Ideal Facility Locations – 
Being conveniently located allows an easy commute for Virtue’s members by their transporters.

Accept Medicaid, Medicare and Private Pay members – 
Caring for a loved one with disabilities can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Virtue’s day activities offer a break to families who have a family member with a developmental disability living at home, satisfying activities for the member, therefore promoting overall wellbeing for everyone. Virtue cares about our members.

Promise of Commitment – 
We back up our promises with 100% commitment. We want every member to receive the absolute best treatment appropriate for their level of need.


Who Wins at Virtue?  Everyone.


Members – Enjoy all of the wonderful day activities developed around your interests. Make new friends, have the feeling of being loved with a sense of well-being, and accomplish goals and life-long growth.


Family – Peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in nurturing hands, provided with personal growth opportunities, establishing life-long friendships with other members, and really enjoying themselves.


Providers / Caseworkers – You demand dependability. Know that you can always depend on Virtue putting the member’s best interests first. Communication to ensure parents and members are very satisfied with their care is very important to us.

Limited Openings

We are currently not accepting new members into our program. Check back as we will update this page when openings become available.