January 2018
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Working With Autism

Autism is now a problem that is affecting many Americans. In fact almost 1% of children born in this country are said to be Autistic, this is a frightening statistic for many parents. This figure has grown a lot in the last 10 years, which is at the very least interesting. Why has this figure gone up? For the parents of these children they have a different question on their minds, what will happen when they are adults? The biggest concern for these children is if they will be able to support themselves by holding down a job.

For most of us our job is the most conventional and stable thing in our lives, it is a lot different for people with Autism though. Many Autistic adults find it hard to hold down a job because one of the many downsides to this disease is; the users are most often times socially awkward. This makes it hard for them to hold jobs that need social interaction. A Texas citizen by the name of Daniel shackelford for instance had a very time keeping a job, like the one he had at a local Texas pet store. There were a couple of incidents in which management felt he was incompetent. Luckily for Daniel though he got the help he needed.

A program by the name of Project Search has seen positive results from helping people live, and work with Autism. In fact, Daniel was one of their patients. They helped him find a job and he has reported that he is now able to live independently and still is able to buy the essentials. The program started out because of a want to decrease the amount of entry-level jobs for Autistic people, by offering job training to these people. In doing so they have helped many people live regular lives.

Even though this program seems nice, many parents are having problems. For one the waiting list is really long and many are afraid their children will not get on it in time. Another concern is budget concerns. Millions of dollars from early children intervention, and Medicaid waiver programs have been cut. Any parent interested in this kind of treatment should also check out Virtue. Currently they have a waiting list, but they are looking to expand into multiple facilities.